Nokia 9 PureView Video

This can be done in the free mobile version of Adobe Lightroom. It doesn't come pre-installed but is offered as an additional download during the initial setup.

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Nokia has also partnered with Google so that Google's Photos app could natively support photos taken with the Nokia 9's five cameras. Google Photos is able to adjust the focal point after taking the photo, adjust the amount of bokeh, and will be able to display the full-size RAW files - which are DNG. Thanks to the sheer amount of camera sensors and the ToF camera, Nokia says that this setup can produce a much more detailed depth map of the scene - for more convincing defocusing. The phone gathers up to layers of depth data as opposed to only 10 on most phones for up to 40m away from the camera.

This means we should see much more realistic bokeh in photos, the blur would gradually be stronger the further that part of the scene is from the camera. The depth info is stored within the photo and Google Photos will allow you to change the amount of defocusing after the shoot. Adjusting the focus post shooting. The video recording part of the camera is not as exciting, but the basics are covered - it can shoot 4K HDR videos at 30fps.

There is no optical image stabilization, while digital one is available only when shooting in Full HD.

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Now, let's check the Nokia's camera app as it is the only piece of custom software on this phone. Luckily for us, and you, it's been improved since the previous Nokia phones, though the left side of the viewfinder is still overcrowded with various toggles. The camera app is tailored for swiping between the shooting modes, a way that the iPhones pioneered a long time ago. While in the Photo mode you'll get many toggles on the opposite side of the shutter key - motion a.

Camera app. Well, choosing to save both files will cost you. It takes a while to process a photo and save it and there is a queue for that once you start shooting. And if you've shot say 30 photos in a row, you will have to wait a significant amount of time to see the last one. It's a bummer, but that's the price of having a camera system of such complexity. One hundred images can easily run you 6GB or more.

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This is all good and dandy until you realize the phone's storage is only GB and there is no way to expand that. The processing and saving happens in the background but only when the Nokia 9 is unlocked. Meaning if you shoot a couple of shots, then lock the phone and put it in your pocket thinking you will see those photos when you sit for a coffee - you'd be wrong.

You have to keep the PureView unlocked if you want those pictures ready before you decide to browse them when you take your next break. The phone gets noticeably hot during picture taking and processing and using the camera actively takes a noticeable toll on the battery. We don't think the Nokia 9 can last you a whole day when taking occasional photos on vacation. A beefy power bank is a must-have accessory in this case.

The first batch of photos we've prepared to show you include the direct JPGs the phone saves automatically when shooting images.

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    Nokia 9 PureView review

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