How to spy calls, SMS and GPS on Galaxy Note 4/Galaxy Note 5?

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About Diddy said, you're posting things about yourself that you don't want others to know. Or you think you'r alone with someone when you tell them something - but there's someone listening. Or something else.

Spy on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 via best Note 5 tracking software

If you're an important high-level government employee, it's possible, but then your IT people could clear it up. But most people aren't targets of spies or hackers.

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And installing spyware on your phone, unless someone had the phone and you didn't see what they were doing, is close to impossible. Diddy likes this. Like 1. I mean hidden application like FlexiSPY.

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How can I make it visible and uninstall it? Originally Posted by Tim If someone was clever enough to get this installed on your phone without your knowledge, then your best bet is to do a factory reset, and then set the phone up as a brand new phone i. Make sure you have a good screen lock set up, and make sure all of your sensitive passwords are strong and difficult for other people to guess.

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Replies: 0 Last Post: , PM. All times are GMT The time now is PM. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a state of art android phone. If you want to stay on top of things and make sure the kids are using the phone wisely, this is one possible solution. The mSpy software is a monitoring program that can be used to gather information from cell phones like the Galaxy Note 5 remotely and stealthily.

The mSpy software is comprised of three parts: the agent — a piece of code get planted in the wired Galaxy Note 5, collects information stealthily and uploads what it manages to find to the server — a secured vault where the data logs are stored, the information will be neatly organized and displayed in the control panel — a well-designed web portal where user can browser, search and flag information or to generate reports for future reference.

Phone calls placed and received with the already wired Galaxy Note 5 can be tracked with mSpy, information regarding the call logs, call duration, date and time, the number or contact information if available in the phone address book of all incoming or outgoing phone calls are also displayed in the control panel.

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The user can also set up a call restriction list within the control panel to automatically reject phone calls from numbers on the list. If the GPS function were actively turned off on the Galaxy Note 5, the spy will resort to identify the Wi-Fi network the device connected to and determine the approximate location of the device. Chat history in the forms of text, photos and gifs are forwarded to the control panel.

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  • Photos captured by the phone camera are presented in the control panel in the format of thumbnail files, the original file can be downloaded but will consume considerable amount of data.