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For example, Washington requires that both parties to a conversation agree to be recorded, while some states require only one. However, family lawyers typically recommend that you leave the spying to the pros, and hire a private investigator. Be sure to work with an experienced divorce attorney who understands the implications of these technological landmines. The Legal Considerations Involved in Surrogacy.

Find a Lawyer. Ask Super Lawyers. Lawyers Near Me. Pre-Christmas shopping days may be running out, but it's never too late to pay a visit to the app stores to bag yourself a digital bargain ahead of the main event on December Our apps round-up is the place to turn for Google Play goodies and App Store essentials, with this week's highlights including the arrival of Microsoft's Halo -themed assistant Cortana on Android and a car-centric social network from Clarkson, Hammond and May.

Available on: Android. Kudos to Microsoft for making the often painful process of copying and pasting on mobile completely straightforward.

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The computing giant has reimagined the fiddly function with its new Clip Layer app, a nifty piece of software that leverages your home button to help you lift text. Long press the home key and the app will scan the screen for text, boxing the copy off into sections that can be easily lifted and placed elsewhere. Of course, you'll need to sacrifice whatever function is usually tied to your home button — sorry, Google Now.

Available on: iOS , Android. The Beeb has released another app to tie in with its triumphant Planet Earth II series, and this one can be enjoyed by all the family. BBC Earth Colouring is an all-ages digital colouring book which tasks you with the challenge of shading the kind of animals we could listen to Sir David Attenborough describe for days on end. It's all standard colouring book stuff with edutainment thrown in — and there's the option to cheat if you're having trouble staying in the lines, but we'll definitely judge you for that.

Available on: Android , iOS. DriveTribe is a platform dedicated to — yep, you guessed it — all things motor-related.

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Every aspect of car and bike culture is represented here. The network is geared towards hardcore petrolheads and is already said to be frequented by thousands of the motoring world's top writers, racers, photographers and filmmakers, although that producer Clarkson thumped probably isn't among them. Available On: Android. Yeah, we know — this one's a bit corny but it is the holiday season, after all.

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An app called Mama Bear even sends parents speeding alerts if their kid is traveling too fast in a car. The new digital spy tools present parents with a quandary. It can be almost unbearable for parents to watch their children pull away. I am your father.

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T aking the long view, the goal of parenting is to create a healthy, self-sufficient adult. The process of developing healthy autonomy starts as soon as kids can crawl away from you, says Nancy Darling, a developmental psychologist at Oberlin College. Privacy is a key piece of developing that self-sufficiency. As they experiment with their identities and self-expression, they need space to figure it all out, Hawk says. Most kids are more tech savvy than their parents.

Hawk saw this effect in a sample of junior-high students in the Netherlands, where feelings about individualism and autonomy are similar to those in the United States. The researchers asked the kids about whether their parents respected their privacy.

Take alcohol use. But even when parents know the importance of privacy, it can be hard to figure out where to draw the line.

That boundary will look different for every family, even within a single socioeconomic strata or a single neighborhood, says Dalton Conley, a sociologist at Princeton University and author of the book, Parentology.